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Why Public Relations & Marketing

Often times a business owner starts their business out of a passion for their industry.  Along the way, the owner realizes that passion will only get them so far in the business world.  There needs to be a better way to get the word out about their business and their services in a precision like fashion.  Lacking the proper tools to get their business seen by the masses, the business is doomed to mediocrity.

What We Did

Gathering the most effective and workable pieces of information in the fields of public relations and marketing, we set out to make a product that would simplify the marketing and public relations world to those who don’t have the years of experience in those fields.  Through the use of our easy to understand training, we have introduced a product in the world of public relations and marketing that has never been done before.

How it works

Take a look at how our Professional Public Relations & Marketing can help you be seen.

Video Series


The video series consists of 36 chapters spanning from the fundamentals of public relations & marketing to advanced concepts in these areas.  Each video explains to the viewer a single

core concept and how it relates to public relations & marketing

as well as how that concept can be implemented.

The workbook was created so that the viewer can answer a set of questions after each chapter is watched.  The questions were

 designed to improve understanding as well as incorporate the

material into one’s daily work routine.

Daily Training

This series was created with the intention of the individual staff member training on the course each day, one chapter at a time over the course of 36 days of study.

Continual daily training is proven to be more beneficial by allowing the employee to use the skills they have just obtained

immediately in their workplace day-by-day, rather than receiving all the information in a short period of time and

expecting the employee to implement everything all at once.  In this way the maximum value is

obtained from the Professional Public Relations & Marketing product.

Your Employee's Time

We understand how valuable your employee’s time is.  That’s why these daily lessons were made to be short and hard-hitting.  Each video daily lesson was intended to only take 15 to 30 minutes or your employee’s workday.


After the lesson has been completed for the day the employee simply goes back to his or her day and starts to implement the information they have just learned in the video series and workbook lesson.  That’s all there is to it.

Public Relations & Marketing Programs

Another unique part of the Professional Public Relations & Marketing series is the inclusion of proven, business-building programs in the series.  There are five programs that can be immediately implemented into your business or practice to help grow your public relations & marketing presence.  Covering such topics as:

  • Setting up PR Campaigns
  • New Customer Mailings
  • Referrals
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Community Speaking

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Change the way your business is seen.

Professional Public Relations & Marketing

The Public Relations & Marketing Series was made so that any executive or public relations & marketing employee could progress through the series and gain useful knowledge that they could then turn around and use at their workplace.  The Public Relations & Marketing Series is a 36 chapter video presentation along with a comprehensive workbook that has lessons which correspond to each chapter in the video series.  Also included are proven public relations and marketing programs that can be implemented in the business.

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